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Aston Villa vs Liverpool: Champions League Defending Slaughtered 2-7


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Interwin - Liverpool tasted their first defeat in the Premier League this season at home to Aston Villa. The defending Premier League champions beat with a landslide score of 2-7.
Aston Villa vs Liverpool was held at Villa Park, Monday (5/10/2020) in the morning WIB, in the fourth week of the Premier League. Footage of the matches between the two teams can be viewed at the following link.

Villa immediately winning 4-1 in Situs Judi Slot Online the first half. Ollie Watkins scored a hat-trick in that match and another goal from The Villans was scored by John McGinn, while Liverpool replied via Mohamed Salah's goal.

Statistics in the first half show the two teams are playing quite evenly. Liverpool fired nine shots, six of which were on target, while Villa was more effective with eight shots, six on target, and scored four goals.

In the second half, Agen Judi Slot Online Villa added three goals through Ross Barkley and a Jack Grealish brace. Liverpool scored one additional goal from Salah's foot. 7-2 complete match for the victory of The Villans.

With this result, Villa is in second place with nine points from the three games played. Meanwhile, Liverpool slipped to fifth with nine points from four matches.

The course of the match

In the second half, Liverpool brought in Takumi Minamino to replace Naby Keita to increase the breaking force. Instead of scoring goals, the Reds conceded again in the 54th minute.

Ross Barkley fired a long-range shot from outside the penalty area which curled past Adrian's reach. Villa winning 5-1.

Salah minimized Liverpool's lag to 2-5 in the 59th minute. The King of Egypt struck Roberto Firmino's bait for a goal.

Goal! Villa scored his sixth goal in the 66th minute. Grealish kicked a directional ball which hit Fabinho's body, so the ball diverted and slid into the net itself.

Grealish broke into Adrian's goal again in the 75th minute. The 24-year-old man brought the ball from near the middle of the field before kicking the ball into Liverpool's net. Villa away 7-2.

Score 7-2 for the host lasted until the game was complete. Liverpool, the defending Premier League champions, collapsed at Aston Villa's headquarters.

Aston Villa immediately opened the judi slot online terpercaya scoring in the fourth minute. Ollie Watkins got his name on the scoreboard.

Adrian San Miguel made a blunder by giving the ball to Jack Grealish in the penalty box. The ball is then passed to Watkins who easily breaks into the Liverpool goal. 1-0 Villa take the lead.

Goal! Villa doubled their lead in the 22nd minute. Watkins again broke into the Liverpool goal via his measured kick ball from the penalty box.

Liverpool reduced the position in the 32nd minute. Mohamed Salah beat Martinez with his kick ball from the penalty box. 2-1 Villa take the lead.

Villa scored again in the 35th minute. John McGinn's long-range shot hit Virgil van Dijk's leg, causing the ball to turn and Adrian couldn't anticipate it. Villa away 3-1.

Watkins scored a hat-trick in the 38th minute. The 24-year-old successfully gored Trezeguet's cross and broke into Adrian for the third time.

There are no additional goals until entering the break. Villa led 4-1 in the first 45 minutes.
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